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Juli 16, 2012

Business : Warum Regeln wichtig sind – Wiedow’s Wonderful World und mehr solcher Sachen aus dem WWW . . . OEM*

Regeln machen das (Online-)Leben einfach. Wie im richtigen Leben. Punkt. Das war die Kurzfassung des Blogs. Den Rest können Sie sich also sparen . . . hehehe . . .


November 23, 2011

When a monkey rides a dragon you could be caught looking crispy at a Booth Camp that is not any Booth Camp it is . . . OEM*

Chicago. Chicago Booth to be precise.

Where conservative bankers from the Deutsche attended a Booth Camp about Social Networking in masses smile

InterNations membership has its rewards as I learned during a wonderful brunch last Sunday about a promising event hosted by Deutsche Bank last Monday in Frankfurt (See more pictures of the event and description ON InterNations. You must be logged in. Drop me your email privately when you want an invite).

Topic: How Social Networks Create Competitive Advantage:
Finding the Balance between Social Capital and Human Capital

Speaker: Ronald S. Burt, Hobart W. Williams Professor of Sociology and Strategy

Introduced by Arnold L. Longboy, Managing Director, Executive Education, Chicago Booth

Hey, I thought, that is a must for me. Unfortunately it was already fully booked so I decided to send them a mail kindly asking to be put on their waiting list. Not only that . . . I showed up early to make sure to get some slot. And I got one. And I learned about Chicago Booth . . . very impressive. Deutsche Bank recruits most of their high calibre managers from Chicago Booth.

Chicago Booth produced most Nobel Prize winners in history thus far.

Chicago Booth has 50,000+ . . . read more in their press section >>>>>

But now the interesting part for Thomas and all other SoMe and Social Networking theory addicts in and around here. Below picture shows THE formula for successful social networking. Partly hidden by Prof. Burt though.

Now you can either buy the book . . .

. . . Or take the chance when you’re in or around London to get a sparkling update and aspect on his view of networking . . . he is in . . .


. . . tonight at 7 pm. Register here Global Leadership Series with Professor Ronald S. Burt in London

I have hardly ever met a speaker who presented a topic in such a high rate of wpm (wordsperminute) being same time THAT entertaining.

Maybe due to the fact that he was tireless chasing crispy looking attendees in the audience. No wonder when you learn in between about such wonderful yet not very successful inventions as . . . hamster cages you can wear as a suit.

But Thomas and everybody else who feels kinda addicted to ORS . . . if you’re really open for new aspects your point of views could not only be challenged . . . they could be torn in pieces afterwards. So be warned . . . hehehe . . .

Alan, when you find the time short notice . . . it would be worth on many counts for you too.

This too is OEM*. It is as it is. Says love.

Love, peace and poetry.

53/60 to go to see 200 million children smile smile – Noch 53/60, um 200 Millionen Kinder lächeln zu sehen smile

Have fun, Andreas Wiedow

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