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April 9, 2011

Tina Jonasen recommends you to apply for a P1 membership.

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Sometimes it’s not that easy to recognize spam mails especially for me when they’re about new networks. 

But before learning harder lessons I embedded a routine check way back to avoid getting trapped.

Let’s take the screenshot below (click picture to enlarge) . . .


First check: Do you know the messenger ? Failed. Don’t know them. And the one I know from elsewhere probably only shares the same name but wouldn’t send an invite nor – according to the name and their online identity – would qualify for said network according to the second check.

Note: Whenever you would get a similar invite from me you should also double-check. Most probably my identity would have been misused or there’s a name similarity for other reasons. And I certainly would only invite you when we had a good relationship and were connected elsewhere.

Second check: Google . . . . . . which brought up 810.000 entries on . . . and amongst them a blog called . . .

Chinese private social network P1 doesn’t want to expand abroad


. . . Citing / quote: Yu Wang, founder & CEO, announces today at the 6th edition of CHINICT in Beijing that the Chinese private social network has no intention to expand abroad.

Third check – would I want to join ? According to this article . . . Inside – China’s Exclusive SNS . . . hmh. Would you ?

So all in all . . . it qualifies as unsolicited spam mail and P1 would be better off checking their backdoors and whether they’re being abused too. I mean . . . it happens to dhl and ups too.

Here you can click and check whether you like it or not smile

I’ll expand on the above topic on my own wiedow blog soon.

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Have fun, Andreas Wiedow


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