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März 12, 2011

After Jim-Bob waded through the swamp for several years he finally reached . . .

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. . . The country of milk and honey. 

Dear all,

I’ve come across a story that’s soooo normal and natural that I warn you to read any further unless you’re prepared being a bit bored after . . . because of the soooo average . . .

Jim-Bob, you know him, he’s the nice chap from your neighbourhood. Out of false comradery he spend a lot of time with . . . well, people you left behind because you didn’t find them very successful and a bit narrow-minded . . . wading through the swamp the whole day . . .

You didn’t have the feeling that however you’d approach Jim-Bob telling him that he’s permanently wading through the swamp over and over again, he’d listen to you.

So, after a while you forgot about good old Jim-Bob.

From time to time you heard some blurbs coming from the nearby swamp and you thought, ‚well, this could be Jim-Bob wading through the swamp‘, while you were sitting in your home, milk and honey in reach whenever you felt like.

Years gone by . . . some day . . . someone knocking at your door. You opened.

Jim-Bob standing in front of you. Looking at you a bit insecure and still a bit muddy from the swamp.

„How’s you ?“ You asked him and he replied, „Well, don’t bother me with questions, I only want some milk and honey, where is it ?!“ he replied.

No wonder that his first approach came across a bit rough, you thought, after years of wading through the swamp. So you decided to give him a pointer to the milk and honey and said: „Help yourself.“

Jim-Bob stepped in and headed immediately to the objects of his desire. Well he left some footprints, you know, from the swamp. And that brought a smile on your face.

You thought: I wonder how long it will take him to discover the beef and poultry, the beer and wine, the bread and butter . . . standing right next to milk and honey . . ., while you watched Jim-Bob leaving the place packed with milk and honey saying: „I’ll come back if I need more.“ Then he dissappeared in the dark.

Soon after you heard some blurbs from the nearby swamp and you thought . . . „This could be Jim-Bob, wading through the swamp again“ . . .

This story is pure fiction and doesn’t relate in any way to our business world. Hehehe, I don’t believe that . . . do you ?

Note: If you have the feeling that I might have covered the above topic already in the past . . . you may be right . . .

Stay tuned, Andreas Wiedow
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